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Save time and increase accuracy with paperless point-of-care. MedSupport’s convenient eMAR medication administration system provides workload efficiencies, formalizes documentation completeness, reduces med errors, and ultimately, improves overall nurse and care-staff performance.



Take MedSupport to the next level by tracking your client’s daily life events. CareSupport allows you to track and report ad-hoc events such as behaviors, bowel movements, incidents, ADL’s, weight change, sleep, exercise, and nutrition. The resulting charts trend life events and highlight health outcomes.

Pharmacy Interface

Conveniently link your client’s pharmacy orders to MedSupport to ensure consistency and accuracy in prescription and dosage data. On-going pharmacy orders are updated at the pharmacy and data is automatically transmitted to MedSupport to be verified and added to the client’s medication schedule.

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Day Program

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Single Sign-On

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Medication Administration Certification

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Professional Services and Customization

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Implementation Assistance and Training Programs

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What our clients say

“eMAR is going great, our direct care staff and nurses LOVE it!”

Director of Nursing Ohio

“Wellness is going to be a major priority and will evolve faster than many anticipate”

Executive Director Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

“We’re new to MedSupport and I love it! Believe it or not, I have some staff here that I thought was going to have trouble with it because it is on a computer but they picked up on it really fast!!! We should’ve had this program a long time ago.”

House Manager Oklahoma

“We have been using the MedSupport eMAR for five years and are very happy with the program and the Technical Support. We can attribute a reduction in med errors, costs and nursing stress to use of CaraSolva. We’re especially pleased that the system continues to expand in ways that increase the quality of our nursing care”

Nursing Supervisor Pennsylvania

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Let’s Improve Staff Performance!

CaraSolva is always looking for ways to help your organization improve staff performance while increasing work satisfaction, not to mention decreasing employee turnover.   A well-supported staff means a more productive team who provide better attention to your clients’ health outcomes. With MedSupport®, your staff is provided with up-to-date, shift-specific instructions to help them accurately meet their daily objectives. It’s that simple. Your team stays focused […]


How to Set Up Your Day Program Through MedSupport with One eMAR Solution

During the past few years, several CaraSolva providers have approached us in search of a solid solution for their Day Programs. Clients will often participate in day programs that are not provided by their residential agency, and likely don’t have authorization for access to the client’s medication administration records (MAR). The day program providers usually […]

Join Us at the 26th Annual DDNA Conference in Orlando, FL

March 22nd – 25th CaraSolva will be exhibiting at the DDNA conference this weekend in beautiful, sunny Orlando, FL. This year’s theme is “DD Nursing: Magic Wands Required” and we already feel the magic in the air. Stop by our booth to chat about MedSupport eMAR and how paperless point of care can save you […]

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